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Highlands Neighborhood Mystery: The ol’ Gelman’s space

March 18, 2011


Any of you that live in or around the Highlands neighborhood in Denver have inevitably passed the ol’ Gelman’s Restaurant space and wondered, what the hell is going on there? Since there was yet another new sign adorning the building when I passed it last week, I decided to investigate.

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Is this Denver or Bismarck, ND???

July 7, 2010


A few nights ago Sleepy and I found ourselves hungry at a late hour, as seems to be our new trend.  We decided to head out and grab a bite to eat and a few drinks.  We left his house around 10:30…really not that late!  We headed to Sleepy’s new neighborhood bar/restaurant Jonesy’s Eatbar, on […]

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A shoe for my horse

September 4, 2009


By Peaches Julian “I like to pay women for sex,” slurred an older gentlemen, squinting one (of two) glassy eyes at me over his fruit cocktail. Fruit cocktail: Beverage refill layered upon beverage refill in the same glass, with stacked-up and pickled limes. Eight to be exact — in his tall rum and “colas.” “Um. Super?” I look at […]

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