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Toast me! I’ve had a mouth-gasm.

February 25, 2011


Last night I broke 3 personal rules. 1. I drank adult beverages. 2. I drank red wine. 3. I mixed wine with hard liquor. I know it may shock most of you to read an Omelette say it is against her rules to drink adult beverages however, I made a deal with myself to not […]

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One waffle at a time just ain’t enough

January 28, 2011

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Texas T and I had breakfast at Waffle Brothers at 393 Corona St this morning. Both of the Waffle brothers were there! I saw them!  However, as soon as we walked in we had the overwhelming feeling of ‘cluster-fuckey’ to quote Texas T.  There was a very long line, which is ok but while we […]

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Sizzerp!..ahem…Syrup restaurant in Cherry Creek

October 26, 2010


Texas T and I went out for our monthly breakfast/brunch and he choose Syrup on 3rd and Josephine in Cherry Creek North (formerly the Egg Shell).  Immediately I liked the place based on the decor, fancy in an old school kinda way.  The wait wasn’t too long either which is always a bonus. They did […]

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WaterCourse is the prettiest restaurant in Denver

August 5, 2010


IMHO anyway.  Texas T and I recently went to WaterCourse Foods on 17th and Emerson (they also have the WaterCourse Bakery and City O’ City establishments in Capital Hill).  When we first walked in the first thing I noticed was the art on the walls was jungle-ish.  All by the same artist and very haunting […]

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House – the restaurant, not the TV show

February 4, 2010


One of my favorite things to do is going to Sunday brunch with my friend Texas T.  We try to go about once a month and alternate who picks the restaurant.  It was my turn this month and I selfishly picked House Restaurant and Bar because it’s close to my neighborhood-located at 4363 Tennyson St.  […]

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