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Red Rooster Cafe-yeah it’s almost in Thornton but their sandwiches are as big as my head

March 29, 2011


This picture does not do justice to the size of the sandwiches at the Red Rooster Cafe off 58th and Washington in Denver.  I know some of you might be wondering, “Pepper!  Why were you so close to the suburbs and that weird place called Thornton?!”, and the reason is this.  Sleepy works off I-25 […]

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Restaurant week fail-Avenue Grill

March 21, 2011


Denver Restaurant Week totally overwhelmed me this year.  So many restaurants to choose from!  And while I would’ve like to have gone to a more hip, trendy, cutting edge place such as TAG Restaurant in Lodo or Rioja, also in Lodo, Sleepy had very specific instructions that he must have a steak.  I am not a […]

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Toast me! I’ve had a mouth-gasm.

February 25, 2011


Last night I broke 3 personal rules. 1. I drank adult beverages. 2. I drank red wine. 3. I mixed wine with hard liquor. I know it may shock most of you to read an Omelette say it is against her rules to drink adult beverages however, I made a deal with myself to not […]

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Seduced by $12 cocktails at Euclid Hall

January 21, 2011

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Last night Sleepy and I went to Euclid Hall (on 14th between Market and Larimer, in the old Martini Ranch-thank god that’s over) for our first time. I’ve been hearing about it a lot on the ol’ twitter and was SO HAPPY when I was on their website and saw their kitchen is open until […]

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The understated elegance of Bayou Bob’s Restaurant and Bar

October 22, 2010

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Sleepy and I recently took ourselves out an a date…one that did not go according to plan at all. What we planned was to go to Root Down for dinner (I gots me a coupon yo) and then go to see the movie RED.  What ended up happening was we went to the most romantic […]

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Goodbye Recovery Room…Hello Bar Car!

September 28, 2010


I had never been into the Recovery Room but was pretty excited about the possibility of the Bar Car (8th and Colorado) which is intended to replicate a bar car on a train.  My sister said she had driven by and saw fancy chandeliers in the window…that sounds promising right? The Bar Car is owned […]

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Buttcheek Awareness Campaign and why I’m too old for college

September 16, 2010


So.  I’m in Semester Two of Life Plan #149.  Summer semester went well and I felt I was surrounded by people like me. Fall hits and WTF. I’m surrounded by 19 year old idiots. Perhaps that’s rude. Here’s what I really mean.  Did I go to college classes in my pj’s when I was 19?  […]

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Vampire Weekend…let us discuss

September 13, 2010


Sleepy and I were lucky enough to take in a night at Red Rocks thanks to me winning tickets from Twitter…I was hesitant to get on the Twitter bandwagon but I have thus far won tickets to two events so I’m all about it.  Sleepy on the other hand…is anti-Facebook AND anti-Twitter.  Not sure why […]

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Moose Hill Cantina has a giant fucking moose head on the wall. No joke.

August 13, 2010

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Yesterday I was delighted to wake up to a text from Betty requesting we do lunch to discuss the totally ridiculous antics of my former employer who also happens to be Sleepy’s current employer.  Yeah yeah dipping the pen in the company ink or whathaveyou. Get over it. I was ecstatic when Betty IM’d me […]

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Is this Denver or Bismarck, ND???

July 7, 2010


A few nights ago Sleepy and I found ourselves hungry at a late hour, as seems to be our new trend.  We decided to head out and grab a bite to eat and a few drinks.  We left his house around 10:30…really not that late!  We headed to Sleepy’s new neighborhood bar/restaurant Jonesy’s Eatbar, on […]

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