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Guest Blogger: @Naked_N_Famous: He’s got Happy Hour Love for the Atomic Cowboy

March 4, 2011


Dear Readers! It is guest blogger time here at the Omelette and I would like to introduce all of you to one of my favorite people on this earth: my brother-in-law, Treasurer of the Denver Omelette Men’s Auxiliary, Illustrator of the Omelette and all around good time guy: Naked And Famous (or @Naked_N_Famous on the […]

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Toast me! I’ve had a mouth-gasm.

February 25, 2011


Last night I broke 3 personal rules. 1. I drank adult beverages. 2. I drank red wine. 3. I mixed wine with hard liquor. I know it may shock most of you to read an Omelette say it is against her rules to drink adult beverages however, I made a deal with myself to not […]

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I’ve got a ‘Bones’ boner…

February 24, 2011


There are a shit-ton of places in Denver to get tasty Asian noodle soup type foods. They’re all so good and cheap. For your money, they probably collectively offer the best meal deals in Denver. Seems like there’s a pho joint on every corner. I, pho one, am a Pho 79 pho-natic. Ahem. Federal or […]

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Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day to You, too

February 14, 2011


I’d bet money on the fact that today there are more women crying then there are men getting laid.

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Jelly: The Latest in Denver’s Long Line of One Word Breakfast Joints

February 8, 2011


Us Denver Omelette gals really should do brunch more often for the simple fact that when we brunch together we come up with solutions to the world’s problems. For instance… while stuffing our faces at Jelly this past slushy Sunday morning, Betty, Pepper and I came to the indisputable conclusion that separate blankets are THE […]

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