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Get Lost… at the Lost Lake Lounge.

December 5, 2010

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So as I am sitting here about to write a blog about the Lost Lake Lounge I said aloud, “But I don’t have any pictures of the place.” To which the hubs replied “That’s probably for the better…” Which is, unfortunately, quite true. The place is kind of a dump. The Lost Lake Lounge opened […]

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Why didn't we think of this??????????

November 4, 2009


Drew Bixby, Westword’s ‘Drunk of the Week’ writer, has written a book about Denver’s best dive bars. Thoughts: 1. Why didn’t we think of this? 2. The PS Lounge better be #1 on this list. 3. Sounds like a challenge to me. A roadmap, if you will, of endless evenings filled with Denver Omelette goodness. […]

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