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The Omelette Recommends: Denver’s Best Bar Patios

June 30, 2010


Once Spring rolls around and Denver experiences it’s first 60 degree day, first and foremost – I WANT A PATIO TO DRINK ON!  I will bundle up, bunker down and enjoy the sunshine with my adult beverage until about 4:30 when the temp drops 20 degrees as the sun goes down. As the days of [...]

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Mamas Monroe's New Years Weekend Review, Twitter-Style!

January 4, 2010


by Mama Monroe Well well well… 2010 has arrived. It’s back to work for all of us poor fools out here in the real world and I am off to a slow start. I just can’t seem to get back into the action AT ALL. I planned to spend my entire day today at work [...]

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Herman's Hideaway is the trailer park of Denver bars…

September 2, 2009


by Mama Monroe I recently ventured out to a show at Denver’s famed Herman’s Hideaway – a place where back in the day the Omelette could often be found dancing it up to the likes of Buckner FunkenJazz, the Fabulous Boogienauts and even the Funky Babylonians. Good times. Sadly, those times have ended. Herman’s is [...]

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Homie, sign your name on the dotted line…

July 8, 2009


by Mama Monroe There is nothing at all wrong with agreeing to certain terms with a girlfriend before embarking on an evening of drinking at your local pub of choice. For example- contract may read as follows: I. I agree to take the bus with you TO and FROM said establishment at previously agreed upon [...]

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