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Moose Hill Cantina has a giant fucking moose head on the wall. No joke.

August 13, 2010

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Yesterday I was delighted to wake up to a text from Betty requesting we do lunch to discuss the totally ridiculous antics of my former employer who also happens to be Sleepy’s current employer.  Yeah yeah dipping the pen in the company ink or whathaveyou. Get over it. I was ecstatic when Betty IM’d me […]

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An amazing thing happened to me on the 31 bus today…

June 16, 2010


Some of you may know that I recently quit my ‘grown-up, big girl’ job to go back to school.   I have an Associates degree from the Art Institute of Colorado but recently decided that it’s by-God time I get my ‘big girl’ (yeah, I like to say big girl a lot..so what) Bachelor’s degree.  So […]

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You can take a girl outta the trailer, but don't touch her Pizza Hut buffet

October 21, 2009


by pepper lowell Today I had the pleasure of taking in the Thornton Pizza Hut buffet with my dear Betty Steele. This is one of our favorite places to meet for lunch when one of us is hung over, or in my case, has an impending breakup on her plate. Now, as many of you […]

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