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Patios, Pierogis, Polish Beer and Horseradish Vodka

September 15, 2011


  Autumn – it’s finally here! Now that the hotter than a whore’s hell temperatures have dropped into the 70s and below, I’m starting to get that itch to find my bar staples for the cooler 2011 season. Requirements: Outdoor areas that make me feel like I’m in someone’s well taken care of backyard so I […]

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I’ve got a ‘Bones’ boner…

February 24, 2011


There are a shit-ton of places in Denver to get tasty Asian noodle soup type foods. They’re all so good and cheap. For your money, they probably collectively offer the best meal deals in Denver. Seems like there’s a pho joint on every corner. I, pho one, am a Pho 79 pho-natic. Ahem. Federal or […]

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If you’re sick of giving your friends a ride to DIA, raise your hand.

October 14, 2010


Me: Hey Pepper, what are you doing Friday after work? Pepper: um.. uh… Well, I was gonna do this and that and this and that. Why? Me: Well, just wanted to see if you wanted to go get a Mani/Pedi? Pepper: OH! Yea, that sounds great! Sorry, I thought you wanted a ride to the […]

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The Omelette Recommends: Denver’s Best Bar Patios

June 30, 2010


Once Spring rolls around and Denver experiences it’s first 60 degree day, first and foremost – I WANT A PATIO TO DRINK ON!  I will bundle up, bunker down and enjoy the sunshine with my adult beverage until about 4:30 when the temp drops 20 degrees as the sun goes down. As the days of […]

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100 Things We Like About Denver… #100: Professional Sports

April 12, 2010


I really love our little cow town that is Denver. And I’ve been thinking I need to make a list about WHY I like it so. And what better place than this blog? SO I’m starting a new series called… 100 Things We Like About Denver!!! This being the first post in my list I […]

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