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Guest Blogger: @Naked_N_Famous: He’s got Happy Hour Love for the Atomic Cowboy

March 4, 2011


Dear Readers! It is guest blogger time here at the Omelette and I would like to introduce all of you to one of my favorite people on this earth: my brother-in-law, Treasurer of the Denver Omelette Men’s Auxiliary, Illustrator of the Omelette and all around good time guy: Naked And Famous (or @Naked_N_Famous on the […]

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If you think we’re fucked up, check out this gem!

October 15, 2009


And by “Gem” I mean our dear friend HT. She needed some word vomiting and what better place for vomiting than our blog…uh… by:ht I’ve invited myself multiple times to be a guest pair of fallopian tubes on these vagina blogologues. So, I decided to do a lil summin summin now, because the idea of […]

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