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Turn that frown upside-down!

October 4, 2011

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I’ve recently been having a series of good days.  Not just the average yea, that day didn’t suck as bad, but an actual holy shit – today was so awesome I feel like adopting 100 kittens and rolling around in them!  (hey,to each their own).  Sadly, not everyone in my cozy little network has the same blessed feeling [...]

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Random NOT Guy

August 16, 2011


Now I’m all for the expression of personal style. But my real question here is Ladies: Which of you is attracted to this guy?

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TAG: Totally Awesome Grub

April 26, 2011


The TAG in TAG Restaurant

Actually,  TAG stands for Continental Social Food.  While they are culinary masters, they have a thing or two to learn about abbreviations. To celebrate the 6-month milestone in my and Squints’ relationship, I made reservations for TAG, in Larimer Square.  The ONE thing I didn’t like at all, was the use of a booth all [...]

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Denver’s Hidden Gems – from the life and times of Betty Steele

April 22, 2011


The problem with writing a blog about a city you love is that you aren’t the only one that loves said city.  There are bound to be more blogs, publications, magazines and street talk all saying the same thing.  Eat here for the best pizza, go here for the best happy hour, get drunk here [...]

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Denver’s Best Hair Stylist, Therapist, Comedian and Confidant

April 13, 2011


Who is this masterpiece of a multifaceted and talented woman, you ask? Hannah at The Parlour Denver, mofos. Yeah, that’s who. Seeing as 3 of the 4 of us Omelettes seek Hannah’s salon chair refuge on a regular basis, we’d like to call her the Official Denver Omelette Hair Stylist. With great pride and 4 [...]

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Best of Denver OMELETTE

March 30, 2011


As today marks the 2011 Best of Denver issue for the Denver Westword, it also marks the 2011 Best of Denver OMELETTE issue for, you guessed it, The Denver Omelette blog. So here you have it, our tried and true besties of 2011

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And then there were 4…

March 9, 2011


Sometimes in life you stumble upon things that just go together. Whiskey & Ice. Miracle & Bra. Pork Belly and all other foods. The Police and Henry Mancini (who knew it could be so good)! Well, we are here to announce that another magical pairing has just been formulated!

The Denver Omelette & Hezness! That’s right, we have a 4th! Introducing our missing ingredient, Hezness.

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Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day to You, too

February 14, 2011


I’d bet money on the fact that today there are more women crying then there are men getting laid.

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Don’t go to Swallows, it sucks.

February 2, 2011


Taken from the Swallows website... I wish the men looked like this!

It was a chili Friday night and the Omelette was lookin’ for a good time.  What better place to start off an evening than at the Rackhouse Pub!  A big-ass pretzel with beer cheese and my personal favorite, the Americano Pizza, and we had a solid base for some drinkin’.  After wetting our palettes with [...]

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The Omelette Goes Gourmet: Betty’s Date Night Hot Dish

January 20, 2011


A lot of our readers out there think our little threesome of fabulousness is composed of nothing but poise, tact, integrity and self-respect.  In fact, who are we kidding, we INVENTED High-Class! That’s right, we’re taking high society status and we’re kicking it up a notch, starting right from YOUR kitchen! Any good woman knows [...]

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