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Random NOT Guy

August 16, 2011


Now I’m all for the expression of personal style. But my real question here is Ladies: Which of you is attracted to this guy?

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Random Hot Guy – I25 and Speer Blvd

July 16, 2010


The motorcycle effortlessly floated between cars in the same fashion that I can only assume he approaches all obstacles in life: with grace, poise, purpose and full on bad-ass-ed-ness. It was then and there that my mind tripped into “Hot Guy Crazy Mode”.

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Right (On) Justified!

March 23, 2010


Is anyone else watching Justified on FX? I just checked out episode 1 last night. I’m going to recommend it… and here’s why: 1. Timothy Olyphant is hot. 2. It’s kind of like Deadwood (which was great), but modern times and in Kentucky. TO plays the sheriff/marshall/whathaveyou trying to maintain order in a semi-lawless town […]

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Meet Moeh, a not-so-random Hot Guy

February 21, 2010

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Yesterday I did something totally insane.  I laid on my back for 8 hours and let some dude poke needles into me.  No, I was not getting accupuncture…I was getting a tattoo.  I went into Newspeak and said dude was Moeh (that’s him to the left and me in the background with my beautiful new tattoo!) who […]

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Random Hot Guy – Ignite Boulder

February 14, 2010


We can’t let Valentines day pass us by without a Random Hot Guy Post!  And hey laaaadies…. do we have a treat for YOU! Allow me to introduce Ef Rodriguez – self-proclaimed “Geek”.  That’s one spicy geek!  Ok ok, it’s not all about looks, we know.  But it just so happens this cupcake (his word, […]

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Random Hot Guy – Imprints Wholesale

October 30, 2009


by: betty steele This photo was just submitted to the Denver Omelette and by God YES, that man is hot! and muscley. and smooth. and all viking-y. and…. ah-hem, anyway. While I wouldn’t necessarily consider Imprints Wholesale (a wholesale supplier of blank t-shirts in the BFE area of Denver) a hot guy hot spot, it […]

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Random Hot Guy – Krameria Cafe

October 19, 2009


by: betty steele Random Hot Guy spotted at the Krameria Cafe on Sunday, October 18th at approximately 11:00am. This spicy little number served me up a plate of chicken fried steak and eggs, which is exactly what you need after 16 hours of drinking champagne. I may have attempted to wink at him, but through […]

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