I may not be crafty but I sure want to be a Ninja.






I can’t help it. Anytime someone says ‘ninja’ these days, this song is all I can think about. Seriously, Die Antwoord. I can’t look away from you.

This past Sunday, however, The Denver Omelette went all ‘ninja’ in a different (albeit still fucking cool) way. We attended the Denver Craft Ninja‘s crochet event.

In case you don’t know it, Denver Craft Ninjas are a group of fantastic, crafty babes that get together once a month in the basement of a bar (Three Kings Tavern, specifically) to make great things. It is a chance for someone like me (uncoordinated, impatient and distinctly un-crafty) to dig down deep in search of my inner artiste. And, if she happens to be MIA as per usual, at least there are drinks to be had ($3 Bloody Marys, specifically).

Joined by Pepper Lowell, Hezness and Ducky (my beautiful pink-haired sister-in-law), we set out to crochet ourselves some ‘sea pennies’ – aka – pretty little circle/flower-type things that can be used as adornment on just about anything. You can even make a whole bunch of them, sew them together and make a… scarf? Table-cloth? Doily? We toiled away under the tutelage of my favorite girl-crush of the moment – and the lead ninja herself – Miss Becky Hensley…  and some of us found ourselves with pretty little sea pennies in the end. The photo here showcases Pepper’s results. As for me, I have yet to actually make one that looks like anything less than a hairball… but my plan is to keep trying.

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday. A drink with my best friends, incessant jokes about ‘finding the right hole’ (ahem… we were weaving yarn in and out of a small circles people – it was bound to happen), and the very best part: endless inspiration from a room full of creative women.

Sound like your cup of tea? Join up! There are THREE Denver Craft Ninjas events in March and its all about the drink this time around: beer, wine and whiskey! And as this blog has documented… those really ARE are a few of my FAVORITE things. Hiii-ya!

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