I survived Beauty Bar

Now that I am a full-fledged college student, I hang out with some young peeps. By young I mean in the 22-26 range.  Keep in mind I am 33 and a half years old.  I AM OLD!

Recently, said young peeps invited me to Beauty Bar (located on 13th & Pearl in the old Snake Pit location) to try out the $10 Martini/Manicure happy hour special.  I am nothing if not a sucker for a deal, so I agreed to arrive with bells on.  Somehow I talked Sleepy into coming with me.  I told him it was a regular bar that just happened to offer manicures.  I did that because it is truly what I thought!  I swear I’m not an evil girlfriend!

How wrong I was.

You walk into the place and the smell of nail salon is so strong it almost knocks you over.  BUT THEN!  You are double knocked over by the GLITTER! EVERYWHERE!  Seriously. The whole place is covered in glitter.  We decided that the glitter is just a ruse to hide all the dirt.  The Beauty Bar was quite possibly the dirtiest bar I’ve been to and that’s saying a lot. I like to go to some shady places.  I had to hold my purse in my lap because I couldn’t find a clean place to set it down.

Anyway.  We put our names in for manicures and were told there was an hour and a half wait.  So we all ordered cocktails and hung out.  When we decided we were ready for our $10 happy hour martini and asked the bartender how it all worked she yelled at us!  Supposedly there are very strict rules regarding $10 Martini/Manicure specials.  You MUST inform the bartender when you put your name on the list or SHE.WILL.YELL.AT.YOU!  During our hour and a half wait the place cleared out and we were almost the only ones in there.  Our names were called and we were off to the manicure station, leaving Sleepy alone at the glittery/dirty bar.  The manicurist couldn’t have been nicer and although it’s a pretty basic file and polish type of deal, I was very happy with that part of the experience.  Once we rejoined Sleepy at the bar he filled us in on the escort service meet and greet he had witnessed.

The moral of this story is that Beauty Bar is quite possibly the strangest place I’ve ever been to.  However. I am very intrigued by the strangeness off it all and sort of want to go back.  It’s that whole trainwreck theory.

So.  Beauty Bar Friday night anyone?


  1. Mr. Elbow Says:

    I thought that the beauty bar was way cleaner than the Snake Pit from back in the day. The sound is better too. However, I have yet to get a manicure there. Sounds pretty cool. What was the music like?

  2. Pepper Lowell Says:

    The music was your standard hip-hop mixture..Kanye…Jay-Z…back to Kanye…which I have to admit I enjoyed.

  3. Mama Monroe Says:

    I feel like the fact that you could not put your purse down rules this one out for me.

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