On New Years Eve and Slutbags…

That time of year is once again upon us… where friends all over the world spend their days in flurries of group emails back and forth making lists, proposing options, taking headcounts, trying to agree on the most important decision of the year… WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING ON NEW YEARS EVE???

Well friends, you’ll be happy to know, The Denver Omelette is no exception.

You would think with our mad popularity, good-time reputations and hot wardrobes that the four of us would be laden with invites to stellar parties all over this great city of ours. But, alas… that is not the case.

For the past few years, myself and Betty Steele have tried to institute a Denver Omelette Colfax NYE tradition consisting of sugar steaks with a side of Sinatra at Bastiens, followed by whiskey-fueled shenanigans with Pete and his crew at the PS Lounge, often ending up at my house just a block away with drinks and cursing into the wee hours. Its… familiar, comfortable, a cheap-o cab ride… it’s what we do!

Sadly, that tradition may be ending. I no longer live just a walk down the alley away from the PS… and everyone seems to be broke these days, or a vegetarian, or just generally bored of our tried and true Colfax-ian ways.

Ms. Pepper Lowell herself has suggested a change of venue for NYE 2011 — one far from the familiar streets of E Colfax — to the distant land of RiNo — to one, Jake’s Food & Spirits, where for $20 you get food, a DJ spinning motown sounds all night, party favors and a champagne toast at the stroke of 2012. Sounds like good times, no? Motown and party favors… 2 of my favorite things!

But… but… I’ve never BEEN to Jake’s! Will it be fun? Will there be good beer? Will we love it and dance the night away only to make it our new NYE tradition? Or will this little sports bar be filled with Coors Light, frat boys and drunk slutbags?

All this and more remains to be seen. Check back next week to find out how it went and to get the official NYE slutbag body count. Because if there’s one thing we don’t tolerate here at the DO… it’s slutbags.

Happy New Year … xoxo!

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  1. Betty Steele Says:

    I can’t wait to see the next chapter in “Slutbag body count”. Riviting reading!!!!

  2. Mama Monroe Says:

    Slutbag IS my new favorite word.

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