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I have something to say that will shock you.  I am technically “on the wagon”. I know, I know, how could an Omelette still call herself an Omelette and not be drinking any whiskey?  Well for you dear readers, I ‘forced’ myself to try the signature cocktail at cafe bar.  Doesn’t seem like I could do an honest review of a place without testing a cocktail.  Am I right or am I right?
I’m getting ahead of myself.

My friend and I recently went to cafebar at 295 Penn St upon the recommendation of her mom.  We decided to go to the back and sit at the bar which was the best choice I’ve ever made in my life.  The bar is in the same room as the open kitchen and there is also a long table with wood stumps for chairs that I can see my next birthday party at.

This is Ted!


We were lucky enough to meet Bryan and Ted, the bartenders who were working.  Now Bryan was a super nice, very informative, friendly guy but Ted ended up stealing our hearts by giving us samples of new cocktails he was working on as well as accidentally spraying some citrus mix into my eyes but giving me a free sidecar as compensation.  Seems like a fair deal to me!

We started by ordering the signature cocktail which was a chocolate pistachio martini.  In hindsight this would’ve probably been better at the end of the meal because it was pretty heavy and dessert-y.  Either way this was a damn good cocktail so thank you for making me drink it in order to have a true-to-the-Omelette blog.   It didn’t really taste overly like chocolate or pistachio, which Ted explained was because the flavors were not combating each other, like so many other mixmasters do with their cocktails. I’ll take his word for it.


My friend ordered the Bourbon mussels, of which I was very jealous.  They came with a heavy side of bread and we were given a bread refill at the end to soak up the delish broth.  It was a pretty big portion for only $10.

I was trying to be good and ordered the Acorn Squash salad.  They let me substitute the dressing because I don’t like rosemary.  It was covered in onions when it arrived, which freaked me out but after moving them to the side, it was all good.  The golden figs really made this salad.

For dessert we let Bryan talk us into the Samoa brownies.  He really had to twist our arms there.  They were amazing.

The place itself was so cozy and inviting, I can see myself back there soon.

And look what I just found on their website!

Stop regifting and join us for a free glass of wine when you buy a $50 cafe/bar giftcard!

Yes please!!


  1. Mama Monroe Says:

    WOMAN! You better be off that god damn wagon by Saturday for it is my birthday. Whiskey drinking is mandatory.

  2. Pepper Lowell Says:

    i am off the wagon for special occasions…and your bday is a special occasion!

  3. Grant Says:

    Is it a cafe? Is it a bar? Is it a portmanteau? Is it all three?

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