And just to prove we have culture…an art museum review!!

Sleepy and I recently took in an afternoon at the new  Clyfford Still museum on the museum’s opening Saturday.  The museum is located directly next to the Denver Art Museum at 1250 Bannock St, which just so happens to be walking distance to Cuba Cuba Cafe and Bar*** (but more on that later).  Neither of us knew much about Mr. Still going in to this but it seems like really not many people do and that’s because that is how he wanted it.  As far as the art goes, it was very cool to see the progression of art since the whole museum is filled with strictly Still.  The first two rooms were my favorites, filled with modern pieces, but as he continued on he became more and more abstract which isn’t really my cup of tea.

To me, the building itself proved to be the most interesting part of this excursion.  Most specifically, the terraces.  They not only provided views of the surrounding city but had this crazy mini landscaping in them.  It was very topographical and seemed almost out of place in this contemporary museum but very in place in a city full of mountain bikers and hikers.  It also added a nice soft feeling to an otherwise hard (literally concrete) building. There are two of these terraces and I highly recommend making a quick stop on both.

The other really cool part of this museum was the underside of the stairway.  Yes, you read that right.  The underside!  It was smooth wood, almost like a curvy boat.  I wish Sleepy’s picture would’ve turned out but you just really can’t tell what it is so you’re going to have to go for yourself.

Admission is $10 for adults but only $6 if you have a student ID like I do!

Did I mention Clyfford Still was born in North Dakota…just like me??

**It’s a good idea to check what time the restaurant you want to go to after the art museum opens.  We wanted to go to Cuba Cuba but it doesn’t open until 5 so we ended up “wasting” time at Pints Pub and having a scotch sampler as well as a few beers before going to Cuba Cuba for fancy rum drinks.  Moral of the story is I had way too many drinks and ended up ordering random young adult books on and not realizing it until the next day when I saw the confirmation in my email.  But also! Have you been to Cuba Cuba lately?  There was a line out the door at 5 when they opened…and for good reason.  We had a few drinks and a few appetizers and it was all delish.

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