El Camino! Margaritas for lunch!

Just a quick post to let everyone know Pepper Lowell and I just had once of the best lunches ever at El Camino Tavern in the Highlands.

Originally we were headed for a healthy lunch bite at Garbanzo’s Mediterranean Grill (one of the only chain restaurants I find acceptable). On the way, Pepper regaled me with a tale about a disappointing and misleading chile relleno experience she had suffered only an hour or two before at The Egg and I (a chain I find 100% UNACCEPTABLE). Apparently The Egg & I slaps a few strips of green chile in an omelette and calls it a relleno. WTF Egg & I? We live in Denver! We know rellenos! LIARS! CHEATERS! CHAIN RESTAURANT DISAPPOINTERS! RELLENO IMPOSTERS!

Ahem. So yeah… I suggested we remedy such a chille relleno travesty by skipping Garbanzo’s and heading to El Camino instead. And we were not disappointed.

I had an amazing plate of veggie stuffed tamales topped with a savory, salty, not-too-hot green chile and Pepper got herself a straight up, no foolin’ chile relleno. All was again right with the world. The lunch plates are a pretty healthy portion at El Camino – so I even have an afternoon snack for later (AKA: right about now).

I should confess… Pepper made me drink a margarita at lunch. Which, I swear to you readers, I’ve NEVER done before. I always wait til’ the working day is done before partaking in adult beverages. But, you know what? It really hit the spot on this sunny spring-like Friday. And… look how hard I’m working RIGHT NOW! Margarita lunches forevvvvaaaaaaah!

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