Kyle’s Kitchen – Denver’s “Home Sweet Home” Diner

As many of you small town transplants from the midwest can understand, a tiny diner with mismatched coffee cups, yard sale leftovers for decor, and the same friendly women running the joint day in and day out can be as comforting as going to Grandma’s house.

I didn’t really expect to find a piece of my Algona, Iowa in Denver, until this past weekend. After a night of heavy drinking with the Omelettes, their boys and then some other friends until we closed the bars down, my love and I needed some serious breakfast. Not some fancy poached eggs on a plate of arugula, we wanted bacon, and gravy, and hashbrowns.

I lean on trusty Yelp in times of indecision, and then Kyle’s Kitchen quickly came to the top of the list. Seeing as how its on the west side, of course I had to try it out since I seem to be crowning myself as one of the most adamant Highlands neighborhood advocates. (Which means I need to know what the hell I’m talking about in terms of restaurants, diners and bars in the area. I foresee a Best Of  list in the near future…)

It was a beautiful morning and Tennyson Street was swarming with people, a true “Awe, I love my neighborhood” moment. As we drove by we saw a packed patio over at DJ’s Berkeley Cafe, a place I still aim to try, but I’m not one for a crowded scene and lines when I’m nursing a hangover. (So yeah, take that Snooze. I think you’re totally overrated, anyway!)

Enter Kyle’s Kitchen. Great Food, indeed.

Think Cheers meets trucker meets farmer’s diner that has a long bar and table seating for about 20 people. The fun aunt-like waitress has a loud, somehwat raspy voice, that seems to bring all patrons together as one big happy family (since we all can hear every word she’s saying…I chuckle at what she said to you, you chuckle at what she said to me, and so on). The regulars are welcomed by name and asked about their day while handed their known beverage of choice. When she takes our order, she asks if we want fruit, salad or something unhealthy on the side. BRING ON THE UNHEALTHY!

I had an omelette (go figure) packed with bacon and cheese and onion and fun stuff, my love had chicken fried steak, his go-to morning after. The bacon alone is a must-try. It’s thick, it’s salty, and they are proud of it. Needless to say, the entire breakfast hit the spot. It’s not food you’re going to put on the cover of a magazine, and I’m not going to tell you its the best omelette I’ve ever had, but it was the perfect place for us at that specific moment.
It felt like home.

Just don’t give them a hard time, or they’ll charge you $10.00.

Kyle’s Kitchen
4018 Tennyson St
Denver, CO 80238

(303) 477-5625
Hours: Mon-Fri 6 am – 2 pm, Sat 7 am – 2 pm




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  1. Kyleindenver Says:

    You didn’t know I had my own diner, huh?

  2. Hezness Says:

    Pretty impressive, Kyle. You are a man of many talents. Have you been there yet? We should meet up and have some bacon.

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