Let’s you and I take a little trip to Brazil

It’s time to cross that barrier of Too Much Information and enter into the world of Brazilian Bikini Waxing.  I’ve wanted to share this with you all for awhile now, and after a recent trip to Waxing the City for a pre-vacation shine, I figured now would be a good time. (rhyme unintentional)

For those of you who don’t know, a Brazilian Bikini Wax is when some lucky gal  gets to smear hot wax in your private lady-bits  and rip out all of the hair.  And by all, I mean ALL.  Yep, front to back (alllll the way back), side to side, in and out.  Why in the hell would you do such a thing, you may be wondering?  Well, it’s a personal choice and not for everyone.  And for all you pervs that read our blog, I wouldn’t be writing this if I, myself, were not a fan.  Let’s get down to the facts.  Brazilian Bikini Waxing 101:

  • It hurts.  There’s no escaping that.  In fact, it hurts A LOT!  I’m told that each pore can produce 3 hair follicles, so the first time you go may be more painful than the rest.  As you continue to maintain your hairless mound (a term I learned from a “pubic hair artist” offering his free services on craigslist, I passed) apparently the hairs don’t grow back at the same rate.  So you’ll be ripping out less hair each time.  But fuck that, I think it hurts the same each time.  One little trick my cerologist does is to apply a little pressure right after the rrrrip for 1 or 2 seconds.
  • Most women fear that the inner labia, the really thin skin, will hurt the most.  That’s actually not true.  It’s the outer labia and the pelvic bone that seem to be the most sensitive.  Once you get past that, you’re gold.
  • Yes, you’re in some awkward positions.  Lay on your back fold your legs up almost Indian style and spread em!  They gotta get in there somehow, so get over it.
  • Why not just shave?  Well, do you really like razor burn?  Do you really like putting a sharp blade in your vagina?  Do you really like having to shave every day to keep it smooth?  And does your man really like that day after stubble? How about that awesome day after out-grow itch!?  The great thing about waxing is it lasts a loooooong time.  They recommend you come in every 6 weeks, but I usually hold out for 8.  Also, there is no razor burn and it stays smooth the whole time. No itch, no bumps.  (Obviously there are some freak-o cases out there and horror stories, but I’ve never experienced anything bad)
  • Triangle, landing strip or all bare –It’s up to you.  Some women fear that no hair will make them look like a little girl. Do what you like and what you are comfortable with.
  • It’s expensive.  Waxing the City (Cherri) charges $58 with a no tipping policy.  I’m sure there are places that offer the service for less, but trying out new waxers isn’t really like trying out new hairstylists.  It’s like your Gyno; find someone you’re comfortable with and stick with them.  How many people really need to be rooting around in there?
  • Speaking of finding someone, I’ve been in a committed relationship with Cherri at the Lodo Waxing the City for 5 years now.  What I like about Cherri is that it’s not at all awkward. Sure, she sees more of me than I’ve even seen of myself, but that’s old news to her.  We chit chat about the latest and greatest life updates, who I’m getting this wax done for, how doing a brazilizan wax on a man doesn’t even phase her anymore and before I know it, we’re done!  She’s great at what she does and a fun person to catch-up with.  I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Moral of the story is, if you’re curious about having absolutely NO pubic hair, give it a shot.  Book an appt with Cherri at Waxing the City.  It will hurt, your first time will be awkward and it will cost you money.  But in my opinion, it’s worth it.

Tell us:   Ladies, what’s your opinion?  Men – we want to hear yours too!   To wax or not to wax!

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  1. mamamonroe Says:

    Fuck. That. Shit.

  2. DenverFrank Says:

    Bare floors all the way.

  3. The Hubs Says:

    Huh. Maybe I will go get my balls waxed. Keep them smooth. I could probably polish them with a wax of some sort so it is like a personal disco-ball down there.

  4. mamamonroe Says:

    HUBS – please don’t.

  5. Nay Says:

    I love it! I have been thinking about it for some time now and it really doesn’t seem that bad, maybe i’m just a masochist.

  6. MauraBryn Says:

    Going to see Cherrie on Tuesday! Thanks for the rec. I’ll report back after the Brazilian.

  7. mamamonroe Says:

    You are all psychopathic sadomasochists.

  8. Betty Steele Says:

    Awesome, MauraBryn!! Tell her The Denver Omelette sent ya! Not that it will get you a discount or anything. dang.

  9. Brando Says:

    Think female pubic hair preferences might be a generational thing? As a Gen X man, all the playboy girls had healthy muffs. Miss those. Although, I prefer a nice combo. Call it mullet, or muffet…Hair on the top, bald around the good places.

  10. Dragonflyjaju Says:

    Wax Wax Wax!!! Bare is the only way to go! Been doing it for years! No biggie.

  11. Mama Monroe Says:

    Why don’t the men pay more attention to grooming their bidness? That’s what I want to know…

  12. MauraBryn Says:

    Okay, I’m ready to report back!
    I think the experience was seamless. I was so super nervous getting ready for the appointment that I was like a girl primping for a first date (minus the shaving). But, wanting to go through with what I started, I freshened up my crotch and made my way Downtown.
    Cherie is amazing! Loved her ability to keep me at ease while ripping hair out of my most private places. Thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely be returning. And as far as discounts go, let’s just say I was treated very well. 😉
    And the best part of the trip, it didn’t hurt even half as bad as I was expecting.

  13. The Provocateur Says:

    Soft is sexy. Clean is hot. Pubic hair is a hindrance. I want to see the lines of her mons pubis, her inner thighs. Women were blessed with everything-as-beauty. I say: Enhance it by losing the hair. On the other side of the sexes, men should reciprocate what they wish for in their partners. Fair trade around the world, up and down – all the way to Brazil.

  14. Snafunk Says:

    First time poster…long time reader….never been waxed.

    I’m a happily married man and my wife does the waxing every 6-8 weeks….I enjoy clean lady parts and try to do my job at man-scaping. Not totally bald b/c that’s weird but trimmed down. If the ladies do it, surely us boys can do the same…even if its not that painful.

  15. LivinBare Says:

    I got my first brazilian wax this Jan. from my wife as a xmas gift. I went in and got cleaned from stem to stern. I have found that I love the feeling of being totally bare down there. Forget the pain of having the hair removed that was over in a few minutes. I ride a bike and I discovered that a lot of discomfort I was feeling was from hair being pulled by my clothing. Now I ride pain free and for longer.

    I got my waxing done by Holley at Waxing the City in Boulder. She made me feel totally at ease and just as comfortable the second time I came in at the end of Feb. As a guy it can be strange at first but the expert treatment and the smooth results made me happy to go back.

  16. Klaus Says:

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