Little Asian nail salon, I just can’t quit you.

I’d be willing to bet that most women have a favorite Asian mani/pedi place of which they do not stray.  Mine just so happens to be a little nail salon tucked away in a strip mall (as most are) in Englewood.  After searching Google for an hour and going back-and-forth with the other Omelettes, I finally found out that the name of it is Nail Center.

I first started visiting the Nail Center about 6 or 7 years ago.  I was living in Wash Park and needed a quick, cheap place for my indulgence.  Quickly Pepper became a fan and the whole time, unknowingly, Mama had been going there as well.  Mind you, this location is NOT convenient for any of us, but now, 6 or 7 years later, we ALL still go out of our way to get our toes shined up here.  Why such loyalty? – well that’s easy! They deliver a superior product with superior service with a superior little grin and giggle.  What this means is that their pedicures last a long time, they leave you alone to relax because they know it’s hard to understand the little bit of English they do speak and they have some of the best prices I’ve ever seen.

These aren't really my toes. And while searching for this image, many co-workers walked by my desk. And now probably think I have a foot fetish.

There is just one problem about my cute little Asian nail salon… and that’s the owner, Andy.   Andy is always happy to step in and help when the salon has more than 3 clients… aka gets busy.  Andy also is always happy to step in and help EVERY TIME Pepper and I go in.  And guess who has gotten Andy at her feet each and ever time.. yep, yours truly.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, having a male pedicure-ist.  But Andy just plain SUCKS!   He rushes through the entire process, sometimes even skipping steps.  He’s rough, tough and always tries to up-sell to the “spa package” or to put a bejeweled flower design on your nails (barf).  Not only that, but he is sloppy and can, at times,  down right inflict pain!  So, why do I continue to go back?  Because it’s where Pepper and I go.  Simple as that.

So, where is your favorite little Asian nail salon?  Do you even know the name of it?  Maybe one of these days I’ll quit Nail Center, quit Andy and actually try somewhere new.

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  1. Annie Says:

    I had to look up the name of my asian nail salon; it’s also rockin’ the strip mall real estate. It’s great–a row of massagey chairs, coffee place across the street–what more could you ask for? A friend and I once went to an american place where the pedicurist totally butted in on our conversation the whole time–we quickly went back to our asian place and have never strayed since.
    Nails Touch on Colorado Blvd right across from Target–check it out.

  2. mamamonroe Says:

    NICE Nails Touch is in my hood… might have to swing by.

    I have to add about Nail Center- another thing that makes them fabulous is that they are open on SUNDAY… woot woot!

    I also recommend Helena’s Nails on 11th & Ogden (located right in between Sexy Pizza ((best name EVER for a pizza place)) and 7-11). I don’t believe anyone there is named Helena – but they give a rad toe shine and its right in Cap Hill for those days where I just can’t find the time to head to Englewood. I think they’re like $5 more – but its worth it because you don’t have to trek to the burbs.

  3. Pepper Lowell Says:

    there is a place called sexy pizza??!?!?

  4. mamamonroe Says:

    Oh yes. There is indeed a place called sexy pizza. Unfortunately – there isn’t much about it that is actually ‘sexy’ — instead it is a rather dumpy hole-in-the-wall kind of place.

  5. Heidi Says:

    Mine is 5 Star Nails in Loveland, Colorado. Had my fingernails done at a “real” salon a couple weeks ago and it wasn’t nearly as good.

    I have another one I frequent with a friend in Fort Collins. I have no idea of the name, but they do a $12 manicure! I thought he’d given me a discount, but that’s their real price.

  6. Ginger Says:

    I also love Helena’s nails! However, I’ve found that for about $2 more for a manicure, Paris Nails on 6th at Grant lasts forEVER. Literally, forever.

    I prefer the Paris nails. It’s nice 😉

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  8. emxoxo Says:

    Nails of the world on Colorado Blvd–I love it. The hot salt scrub is the best! I drive out of my way to visit.

  9. Sheet Plastic Says:

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  10. source Says:

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