Moe’s BBQ and Danielle Ate The Sandwich (oh yes she did)

Saturday evening was a fun packed night.  Starting with Betty and I hitting up our fave mani/pedi place (she’ll tell you more about it shortly; this place is not to be missed) and then joining sister for BBQ at Moe’s Original BBQ and Bowling after which sister and I wandered over to the Gothic to take in the same music show approx half of Denver did given how PACKED The Gothic Theatre was. ENGLEWOOD HELLO!

So lets start with the BBQ joint.  This place used to be called the Falcon, one side bowling alley-other side bar/concert venue. I have no idea what happened but Moe’s BBQ injected itself into the bar and it was a beautiful, beautiful thing.  We started with fried pickles. I don’t even like pickles and these things were to die for. They came with the house white sauce.  I have no idea what that sauce entails but it was frickin’ good.  I had a fried catfish sandwich with mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole as my two sides.  Betty and sister has some meaty sandwiches and beans and collard greens and slaw as their sides. Everything was TO DIE FOR except!!  The mac and cheese was actually rather horrible.  Picture elementary school cafeteria mac and cheese.  I imagined the cheese coming out of an industrial sized can labeled CHEESE.  They really need to take a lesson from the Rackhouse Pub who’s mac and cheese was just featured in the L.A. Times– holla!  Anyway. The food is delish.  Just order a different side; it won’t be hard as they have a ton to choose from.

After that sister and I meandered over to the Gothic for an epic line-up: Danielle Ate The Sandwich ( who I had never really heard-just saw on the cover of Westword one time-but was told by Peaches Julian that I must see (she was so right)), Gregory Alan Isakov and my all time favorite Nathaniel Rateliff (formerly of The Wheel and Born in the Flood).

An amazing thing happened when we got there…one of my favorite things actually. I love it when you go to see the headliner and are blown away by one of the opening acts, in this case Danielle Ate The Sandwich.  The best part about this happening on this particular evening is that I found Nathaniel Rateliff much in the same way.  Sleepy and I went to a charity event for Metro Denver Partners (who I am a mentor through and you would be too if you had a soul) and the main reason we went was because Ian Cooke was playing however Nathaniel Rateliff played that night as well and I quickly fell in love.

BACK TO DANIELLE ATE THE SANDWICH!! About 3o seconds into the first song (they are made up of bass player, violin player and Danielle herself on the “tiny guitar” also known as the Ukulele) I found myself totally choked up. Now this is not an uncommon occurrence.  I find myself choked up at credit card commercials, any time my sister and I talk about dogs or our dad, after a lot of movies and many, many other random times.  The thing is, if you try to talk to me or even look at me in my ‘choked up time’ I will truly break into tears for what appears absolutely no reason.  I often think I ought to be medicated…aaaaand this blog has taken a turn straight unto a therapist couch.  I apologize.

Anyway.  This happened to me during Danielle Ate The Sandwich time because MY GOD. This girl can sing and honestly a violin gets me EVERY. TIME. Goddamn violins.  What I liked 2nd best after her amazing voice was her spunk.  She was super sassy to the people who would not stop talking during her singing which I was quite thankful for because it was annoying me as well.  However, at the end they did an AMAZING cover of TLC’s Waterfall-I shit you not ( man, I hate that saying)- and then everyone was paying attention.

My point here is this.  Go buy their CD or download it on your iTunes, iPad, iPhone or iOuija.  Whatever it is you whippersnappers do these days.  Do it! Move it! Prove it!

I, Pepper Lowell, promise you will not be disappointed.

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  1. mamamonroe Says:

    I’m sorry to do this to you… but this all occurred on Friday night, NOT Saturday.

  2. pepper lowell Says:

    Oh my god…you are right


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